In a globalized and digital world, physical retail, although facing many challenges, more than ever its place in the socio-economic life. Retail Renson work daily and continually developing convenience stores where service and quality dominates. Actor field, real and tangible, we are the bridge between you - the physical client - and the vastness of products and suppliers


Today, with his experience, Renson Retail has developed real expertise in the field of electronic cigarette. We are constantly looking the best products for you is to say, those that meet all quality standards. We are expanding our collaborations and ranges and update our selections to always match what is better and your requests.

Renson stores are committed to providing the best service, to stay abreast of market trends, to place special orders for you and prolong suppliers guarantees 2 to 3 times the periods provided by the producer. In addition to products related to electronic cigarette, Renson also offers :

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