Who are we ?

Established in December 2013 and located in Brussels, Renson Retail International BVBA is a Belgian SME, multi product and multi active service on many innovative niches with high added value. She specifically developed advanced expertise in the field of electronic cigarette, commercial intermediation and advice to SMEs and independent individuals. It therefore structure its activity on three main segments :

The manager

Passionate entrepreneurship and inhabited by the desire of it always, Thierry GILSON founded in 2013 Renson Retail International SPRL.Diplômé a BA in Economics and Management Faculty Universitaires Saint-Louis (FUSL) and a corporate management master ICHEC Brussels management School with a specialization in finance and SMEs, Thierry does not expect the end of his studies to fully invest in the development of intra and extra university projects.

At the university level, he sits in the Faculty Councils and FUSL Directorate where he learns to defend the interests of the people it represents and to negotiate in a complex technical environment. Parallel and while pursuing his university studies, he was involved in the recovery of Harry Wilson textile brand and takes the reins of the family real estate business IMMO VIRGIL.

From the beginning, he has to face difficult situations, tense and challenging, which does not displease him, and develops a reactive mind, passionate and atypical debut combattif.Ses give it a very quick faculty of analysis and acute sense of compromise, while remaining true to its values ​​and commitments. It is therefore part of advisers who still prefer a solution and avoid lengthy and costly procedures according to the adage that it is better than a bad arrangement a good trial.

Versatile, by training and experience, he has an overview of all types of economic activities. From the beginning, he remembers the importance of saving businesses that go wrong and specializes in the recovery of firms in difficulty. He also understands the importance of innovation and the digital and follows a digital marketing seminar.

In contact with ground and meeting many economic actors, Thierry has developed relationships and strong business partnerships and plural. Member of IZEO and CCIR, he is active in several economic and professional circles.

A fan of good food and good jokes his hobbies are theater, aquarium, shooting and walks with his dog.